Emanuel Oglice


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Email: utmostlife@hotmail.com
Pastor Emanuel came to the Congregational Church in Wilmington in 2017 and prior to serving here, he ministered in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New Mexico. He graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 2004. He and Bianca have three children. They have all loved every minute of their time here at the church and have experienced the great affection and affirmation of faith by this church family. Pastor Emanuel says that this is truly a believing community that he himself has felt ministered by and is encouraged and excited to share with all, that here at Wilmington Congregational is where you will find what the whole world is looking for, truth, love and faith by followers of Christ! 

"I have been blessed to be a part of missions around the world but see my mission here in New England and specifically in Massachusetts and in the Wilmington area as my call to reach out and minister. There is so much potential for the gospel and I see hearts changing with every message, that I can’t wait to see what God has for us next. The next exciting chapter of our church is being written right now and we hope you can be a part of it and a part of what God’s will is for your life. God connects us to to Him and weaves our lives together for His glory! Come and worship our great God and see His power and potential unfold in you and through the body of believers here!"                                                

Dianne James

Church Secretary
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work: 978-658-2264
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