Operation Christmas Child

This year again the Mission Committee is participating in Operations Christmas Child by “Building Boxes Online”. We have set up a “Goals Page”, where you can go online and contribute by building boxes for a donation of $25. Samaritans' Purse will take care of packing the boxes and distribution. We will not have to collect and take to a distribution center. This makes contributing to OCC a lot easier.


You can also participate by donating cash/check earmarked for OCC to the Church, and the Mission Committee will build boxes online with the donated funds. Checks are to be made out to “Congregational Church in Wilmington”, with “OCC” in the Memo line.


Online boxes need to be built by 12/19/2023. If you are donating by cash or check, please have the funds submitted to the Church by 12/17/2023, so the Committee will have some time to Build the Boxes by the 12/19/2023 deadline.


Click HERE to build a box online